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Vendome Bronzer

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Vendome Bronzer

Size: 9 oz

This scientifically advanced dark tanning and bronzing formula features our exclusive O2 Catalyst Complex designed to provide optimum essential minerals and precursors to maximize the tanning process along with auto bronzers for a darker, longer lasting tan.

Each stage of the O2 Catalyst is required for optimal tyrosinase activity, your body`s natural tanning function, which acts as a precursor to help increase melanin, the key to achive your darkest biological tan, production naturally along with optimal skin care.The key to maintaining and improving your overall skin texture and youthfullness is oxygen. This is greatly enhanced while you tan by the O2 Catalyst Complex that allows the skin to breathe and self regulate while its high capacity to transport oxygen helps increase moisture levels in the skin, promoting skin respiration and hydration, and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Best of all while the good oxygen is being transported in, the bad carbon dioxides are being transported out, thus leaving you with the healthiest skin imaginable.

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