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Dark and Dangerous Packet

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Dark and Dangerous Packet

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Swedish Beauty Dark and Dangerous DHA Bronzer with TanDark Technology Tanning Lotion
Welcome to the dark side. Dare to wear our most powerful, long lasting, DHA bronzer with a refreshing touch of coolant to help reduce aftertan odor. Let the antioxidantrich ingredients work for you while
intense bronzers and DHA create instant dark appeal that lasts.
• B25 Bronzing Power Premium bronzing blend with DHA, Tyrosine and Banana
• TanDark™ Technology MelaninActivating Peptides (M.A.P.) and marinebased bronzers enhance your tan for the deepest, darkest color
• Milk & Yogurt Base Formula Richer and smoother foundation for quickest delivery of dark color results
• VitaBeauty Blend™ Vitamins B5, E, & Encapsulated Vitamin D, with Blueberry and Beets (Swedish Superfruits™) help fight free radicals for more youthfullooking skin
• Unisex Midnight Onyx Fragrance

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