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Immmoral Tannning Lotion is an Innovative Luxury Beauty Care Company. We strive to achieve the most fun and luxurious products. Check out our Immoral Tanning Lotions - they are made from the finest ingredients and are targeted towards the youthful hip tanner. Our revolutionary sunless tanning gel is also one of a kind! Its the only Self Tanning Gel on the market with Bronzers! Its made from a state of the art gel that will bring out your natural skin tones!

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Sale price: $29.95
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Dark Addictions
Sale price: $49.95
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Disobedient Men
Sale price: $79.95
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Disobedient Woman
Sale price: $79.95
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Immoral Blacklist
Sale price: $79.95
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Wickedly Bronze
Sale price: $44.95

Showing 1 - 6 of 6  Products


Been searching for the perfect tan? Look no further as you have discovered the Immoral Tanning Lotions - The most Dangerous Tan Available! Our exclusive tanning blends of potent ingredients, botanical extracts and secret techniques will have you prancing around in the perfect tan in no time. So if you want to "Black Out your Competition" or "Cheat your way to the Perfect Tan" you have come to the right place. You will get a Tan so perfect its simply Immoral!


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